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I get it.

You’re frustrated, fed up, feeling flat.

Your website isn’t bringing in new customers. 

Your social media account only attracts bots trying to sell you something.

And you aren’t even sure what SEO is, but, everyone keeps telling you to fix it.

You need new content. Powerful, passionate, persuasive, punchy content. 

You need content that attracts more customers wilder than ants to a cookie crumb.

All that that would be fine, except, to you, writing is as about as much fun as getting a root canal. 

Don’t stress.

Hire me.

I do what I love, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

AK Writing


Copywriting is at the heart of marketing, from websites to radio ads, brochures to online profiles, if it has been written it is copy.

As much art as science. Copy is like painting, the right balance of talent, experience and creativity, can produce a glorious masterpiece.

The wrong mix will result in a grey, lifeless, ambiguous mush.

This is why Pope Julius II hired Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and not Bob, the guy who can draw stick figures.

If you are interested in looking at how quality copy can improve your business, allow me to be your Michelangelo.


Marketing was once the playground of big brands, who could afford the insane prices for TV ads and Billboards. Focused on the premise of talking at consumers.

Digital Marketing changed the model, to a 2 way interaction, open to any size business, who is keen to engage with their customers. No matter their budget.
No longer just the playground for cute cat videos, trolls, and Neo from the Matrix. The internet has ushered in a new age of marketing.

Social media, websites, blogs, landing pages, and SEO, have all but replaced billboards, newspapers ads, and junk mail.  Digital marketing allows you to engage more with your customers, helping you increase sales and build advocates for your brand.


You may not be great telling stories, but you have a story to tell. 

Ghost writers are the conduit between your ideas and the world.

No doubt you have thought about it. How amazing it would be to have your story told. Seeing the ideas in your head spill across the pages for all to read. It all sounds magical, until you remember, you hate writing. No, hate is too soft, you loathe writing.

If only there was a way, you could have your ideas written for you, but you still get the credit. 
This is where a ghostwriter comes in. We help get your message out there, without you tearing your hair out. It’s your story; you need someone to help tell it. 

Ghostwriting frees up your time, relieves stress / frustration, and helps you be more productive. 
Together we can write the book you were born to write.

Hi, I’m Ash,

Copywriter / Digital marketer extraordinaire.

I am not some fancy entrepreneur type, and I don’t have a compelling back story about hitting rock bottom after being fired from a job I hate, only to realise my real dream was to become the next Seth Godin.

The truth is, I love to write.

As a child when everyone else was outside playing, I was in hospital, writing, imagining, reading. Anything to escape the smell of antibiotics, and triple strength bleach.

When everyone is posting cat videos on Facebook, I am writing stories about the people I met in the elevator, I even have an elevator nemesis.

I take pleasure in writing scintillating, stimulating, seductive sentences.  Powerful paragraphs that flow smoother than honey on silk. I am a word geek, and I am proud.

Couple my love of writing with over 22 years of sales and marketing, and you have a guy who can create content to captivate, coerce, call to action, and develop leads.

When you hire me, you pay for me. No inflated fees to cover an office building. No account manager, content manager, and manager manager. My business is 100% me, being 100% dedicated to you.


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The offer helps capture the reader’s (you) attention and gives a further incentive to deal with the business (me).
The offer can be one of the most important parts of the homepage, it can tip the scales between a customer buying, and not buying your product or service.

Here is mine

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