My Why
“Inspire others to pursue their passion and chase their dream.”

In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek explains the benefit of having a clearly defined and understood ‘why’. He uses some fantastic company examples, most notably, Apple.

Your ‘why’ is the reason your business is what it is. A clear definition of your ‘why’ helps you to make correct decisions for your business, filtering everything through why.

This allows you to keep focused on your goals, and the reasons you started your business. Looking at everything from a  ‘why’ perspective allows your marketing, and all internal / external message you send to remain congruent, it helps prevent confusion, and stops mixed messages.

It is important to me to share my ‘why’, this will give you and idea of not only why I am in business, but also how I conduct my business, and what you can expect when dealing with me.

If you would like help clarifying your ‘why’ contact me.

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk where he talks about ‘Why’.

What separates AK Writing from other copywriting businesses?
Imagination, experience, passion.
A great imagination provides unique and creative solutions to marketing problems. Anyone can write facts and figures, imagination sells.
With Over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing, I have realised the key to being successful, is not what you say, but how you say it.
My passion for writing is second to none, I wake up thinking about writing, go to sleep dreaming about writing, this isn’t just a job, it is a lifestyle.
AK Writing will provide you with a unique, compelling solution to your marketing problem. In an easy going, friendly, stress free manner.
100% guaranteed

Why choose AK Writing

This my passion, I take joy in writing clever and creative content, have you ever worked with someone who truly loved their job? They are almost sickening to be around, I am that guy when it comes to writing.

I started in sales when I was 17, a fresh faced retail salesman. Progressing to roles handling millions of dollars in sales and generating double digit growth. I have invested countless hours studying marketing and sales to find the best ways to market to and approach customers to gain their interest.

All written content is 100% created by me. This is the only way I can guarantee excellent content all the time. For graphic design work, I use contacts I have built up over the years who I know provide amazing quality.

Nothing can halt business and ruin a partnership faster than poor communication. I am successful in business because I always maintain clear, open lines of communication, I will provide you with regular updates, and you can contact me anytime.

 Before putting any words on paper I do in depth research to make sure you will have the head start in any marketing campaign This involves studying your competition, websites, SEO standings, etc

More like a partnership than a business transaction. Your success is my success, I am delighted when I see your business grow due to marketing strategies we decided on. 

If you need help with graphic design, creating a logo, building a website, creating a power point presentation, and other areas. I can help, I have a team of contractors I use for graphic design work, all come with the 100% satisfaction Guarantee. 

Feel like I have missed the mark? Want me to change a couple of words? Start again? No problem, a job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

Need a price?

Contact me and we will work together to see your business grow.

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