Frequently Asked Questions

Absoulety, times have changed, billboards, newspaper ads, and tv commercials are no longer the big players, although they still charge like they are, nowadays social media and digital marketing offer a higher ROI and allow you to engage with your customers in a way traditional advertising never allowed.

If someone is going to do it online, they are already doing it in person. It is better to have it where you can see it so you can address their concerns and have an opportunity to fix their problem. For more information on this go here

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users. They are stronger than ever. At some point, FB might die out, but social media is here to stay, the only part that will change is the name of the social media platform.

Unfortunately, digital marketing isn’t as easy as throwing up a couple of posts on Facebook and using some keywords for Google. Digital marketing is a highly competitive field. One which requires content curation, Social Media Advertising, Search engine optimisation, email marketing, analytics, and cross-platform promotions. That is to keep up with everyone else, to stand out, you need targeted ads, customer engagement through social media and email, landing pages, Blog posts, and quick response, via phone call or email to all leads. This can potentially take hours a day, and on top of all of that, you still need to run your business, making sure you aren’t ignoring your current customers, stock levels and day to day business activities.

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There is only one reason you should choose me. If you feel confident I could do the job and you are comfortable doing business with me. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident, then I ask you to either email me to set up a meeting so we can discuss any concerns, or allow me to help you find someone else to do the work for you.

Many fundamental differences set me apart, but here are the main ones.

22 years in sales and Marketing – I don’t just do the marketing, I start the sales process as well, making it easier for your sales team to close. Many digital marketers measure success by how many leads they get you, regardless if they are hot or cold. I measure success by how many sales we close.

I am the one doing the work – When you talk to me, you are talking to the copywriter, the content curator, the salesperson, the Facebook marketer, the graphic designer. There is no one else to send the message too, which means less chance of confusion. You are not paying for an over-inflated office and multiple people’s salary. You receive incredible service with a personal touch.

This isn’t a guide, it is the whole deal – Unlike other Marketers, I don’t give you a guide and leave you to drown. I do it all for you.

Limited numbers – To offer the best experience for my customers, I limit my marketing plans to 10 businesses a month, this allows me to focus on each company, maintain a high level of quality service, and provide excellent marketing material.

I love what I do – This isn’t just a job, this is my passion, I love to write, I enjoy the challenge of creating unique and fun marketing solutions for business. I want to see you succeed and grow.

If you don’t like my work within 14 days of starting with me, I will provide you with a full refund. I will also help you find someone who is better matched to your requirements.

Yes, I encourage it, you will not see a drastic change in sales after one month of digital marketing. Ideally, you want to opt-in for a sustained, targeted approach over several months or more. This will ensure the best result for your business.

Yes, there is no cookie cutter solution for digital marketing. I do apply theories which are universal, but provide a unique strategy for each business and use custom content.

I create all the content. However, I will generally need photos of your products to work with. I can provide a photographer for an extra fee. If you would like to provide me with content, you are more than welcome. It is your business after all.

Absolutely, blogs nowadays are essential to creating a significant digital presence and attracting customers to your site. They also assist in the SEO process and social media marketing. Blogs allow you to put yourself as the expert in your field and let customers become close to you.

No matter what others may tell you, no matter how good your digital marketing is, at some point you need to pick up the phone and dial the number. Telemarketers are there to do the grunt work, while your salespeople are there to close the warm leads. Let the telemarketer chase up the cold leads.

Yes, a custom script is written for each business and signed off by you before they start calling.

When it comes to following up leads, speed is of the essence. You have 100 x better chance of the customer picking up if you call in the first 10 minutes than if you call after half an hour. My job is to market your business and get you leads. If a lead comes through during business hours, I can be on the phone to the customer within 5 minutes to further qualify them. Once qualified, an email will be sent to your business for a follow-up call/meeting.

Yes, If you don’t want the premium package, but would like to use my telemarketer, we can work out a price for you.

Probably not. You might see a small increase early on, but if you are starting off from no or very little digital marketing, it will take time to get your name out there, in both SEO ranking and Social Media marketing. Digital Marketing is not a quick fix solution.

No, I always have a meeting with potential clients to make sure we are a good fit before we go ahead. If I feel we have wildly different ethics, or I don’t think I can offer you the best solution, I will decline the opportunity to work with you. I also don’t deal with competing businesses in the same industry. If I am dealing with one clothing store, I will not sign up another one if it is direct competition.

Still have a question after all that?

Contact me and allow me to answer it.