What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

Celebrities to CEOs, Word leaders to World changes, and people in between have used ghostwriters to help leave their mark on the world.

Paid to help others tell their story, ghostwriters use their creative writing skills to pen, autobiographies, memoirs, magazine articles, books, speeches, blogs, letters, and other written content.

When finished, the authorship of the written piece goes to the employer of the ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter is basically the one person in the group assignment who does all the work, but lets others take credit.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to use a ghostwriter. You just need the desire to see your story told in a clear and compelling way.

Ghostwriters Are Experts In

  • Writing
  • Creative writing
  • Nonfiction
  • Blogs
  • Editorials
  • Books
  • Speeches
  • Interviews
  • Editing
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Language
  • Research

I Can Help You

  • Get your ideas on to paper
  • structure your writing process to produce better results
  • Read your transcripts and offer advice on what to change
  • Read your transcripts, correct any mistakes, and make changes.
  • Take your notes and transcribe them
  • Research any topic and write a piece on it
  • Turn your blog into a well written masterpiece
  • Create letters for any occasion
  • Write Magazine and Newspaper articles
  • Pen a speech for any occasion
  • Produce a power point presentation
  • Create and upload an Ebook

Why Now?

More people are realising they have a voice and a story to tell. Using a ghostwrite used to have a stigma attached to it.

However now people see ghostwriters as another assistant to make life easier and help them mange their time better. 

I can help you write anything from a Speech to a Novel, allowing you to focus more time on doing the things you love in life. If not now when? In 10 years time will you still have that great idea for a book, but no closer to starting it?

Contact me know, lets work together to bring your ideas to life..

Why Do I Need A Ghostwriter?

You may not need a ghostwriter, you simply might need some guidance.

Ask yourself these 6 questions

1) Do you have the time?
2) Do you enjoy writing?
3) Are you disciplined?
4) Can you allocate time to research?
5) Do you have a natural flair for writing?
6) Is it easy for you to articulate your thoughts?

If you answered yes to 4 out of the 6, you may not need a full time ghostwriter, you might just need help editing, and sculpting.

However if you said no to a majority of the questions, a ghostwriter could definitely help you.

It is our passion for writing, our experience and natural drive to tell a great story which allows us to help you.

An all important business presentation, a wedding speech, or a first time novel, ghostwriters can help you produce a powerful, polished product, you can be proud of.

If you need a hand beginning your book, perfecting a presentation, or starting a speech, I am the ghost writer for you.

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